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Hohto -
Our very own full spectrum project.

The first project that deserves a place in our portfolio is our very own Hohto website and brand. From brand message, illustration design, logo, brand guidelines to the website before your eyes. Our goal was to create a website that could utilize simplicity and story-telling. To do this we’ve utilized a unique situational illustration style supported by modern scrolling interactions to ‘tell a story as you scroll’. 

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Emotional origami - creating a poetry & vlog brand

With 30k followers on Instagram, they wanted to create a brand and website design that would be ‘an adventure’. The logo captures the balance of ‘sage’ & ‘lover’ archetypes in a ‘creator’ industry. The illustration style speaks to the industry norm, while the broad range of secondary colours allows for a wide expression of feeling. By creating black and white and full colour illustrations, we created a way for scrolling interactions to both ‘please & surprise’.

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