We are Hohto.

It’s pronounced ‘Hoe-toe’.

We’re a digital agency of entrepreneurs, designers, developers and marketers based in Australia’s creative heart - Melbourne.

It’s pronounced ‘Hoe-toe’. Our company Philosophy is ‘digital strategy from the inside out’. Our mission is to help our client’s break through ceilings and achieve sustainable growth.

We believe in putting the user first, pushing the boundaries with what works. And always staying ahead of the curve.

The Hohto Team

Markus Leyba

Digital Strategist (Director)

Julie Luc

Project Coordinator

Milos Delic

Visual Designer & Branding Specialist

Sofia Stahl

UX/UI Designer

Tom Radovic

UX/UI Designer

The Hohto philosophy defines our approach to every project.

Inside-out Approach

Every business is different. Rather than starting from what everyone else is doing, we look at your customer’s unique experience and start by asking what, how, when and where are the best ways to reach your audience, while staying true to the long-term integrity of your brand.

Holistic Design

All good design is user-centric and research based. But there’s more to it because each piece of design whether a website, a hero image, an email signature or a brochure plays an important part in a customer’s experience. Design pieces are words forming a sentence.

Always ask - ‘Why?’

The internet age has become an echo chamber of ideas. An idea can become best practice due to consensus rather than effectiveness. We always ask ‘why’ because by investigating research, evidence and causes we create competitive advantage through optimum choices.

Specific & Measurable

The devil is in the details. We know plans and projects depend upon the structural integrity of its assumptions and procedures. Everything planned must be specific. Everything to be managed must be measurable. By maintaining this, we keep our analysis sharp.

Flexible Partnerships

We see each project as a partnership. Where our goals, incentives and vision are aligned. Whether you need us for one project or as a continuous extension of your team, we’re flexible enough to provide our expertise as you require.

Strategy First

Digital strategy is integrating the various specialized frameworks – e.g marketing, design, research, branding, business development – towards a set of clear objectives. Multiple courses of action could be beneficial to your company but understanding the timing, order and degree leads to optimum decisions.

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